Green & Parti Sapphire

The majority of green sapphire used in the jewellery trade is mined in Australia with Sri Lankan green sapphire, or ‘Ceylon’ green sapphire being the second most commonly available.  The colour in Australian green sapphire is typically made up of a mixture of yellow and blue coloured banding within the crystal mixing to produce the green colour.  Because of this, the colour seen in most green sapphire tends to be bluish-green to yellowish-green leading to such descriptive words as ‘olive’ green or ‘bottle’ green.  When some of these yellow and blue banded sapphire crystals are cut suitably, stones know as ‘parti’ (short for partition) can be created. 

Parti sapphires, also known as bi-colour sapphires, show two or more distinct colours in the same stone particularly yellow and blue with green areas where the two former colours have mixed.  When the right coloured parti material is cut by a skilled lapidary, the effect can be quite astonishing and can fetch quite high prices.

Mohs’ Hardness: 9
Specific Gravity: 3.99-4.01
Refractive Index: 1.760-1.774
ICA Code: N or E
Treatments: Heating
Incidence: Relatively common
Purpose: To improve colour and clarity
Durability: Very good
Special Care: None
Synthetics: Flame fusion