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Haematite is a steely-grey iron oxide mineral that when in powdered form is red in colour.  It has a bright metallic lustre that can have a mirror like finish. When cutting haematite, the water used as coolant turns blood red and this is why the name haematite literally translates to ‘blood-stone’, not to be confused with the quartz also known as bloodstone.  Commonly haematite is cut in the form of cabochons, buff tops and intaglios typically of a Roman centurion’s head, all of which are popular in gents rings.  Currently, haematite is predominately mined in U.S.A, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and China amongst others.  

Mohs’ Hardness: 5.5-6.5
Specific Gravity: 5.12-5.28
Refractive Index: 2.940-3.220
Treatments: None
Durability: Moderate
Special Care: none
Imitations: Magnetite, haematine (silicon) and black CZ