O’Neils Affiliated is proud to present the new Gemstone Colour Guide - a sleek 10 page booklet featuring a selected range of coloured gemstones! It has been carefully designed as a sales aid for jewellers and sales staff to help communicate the subtleties of coloured gemstones.

Natural gemstones vary with colour and availability, but with this Gemstone Colour Guide in hand, describing colour just got a whole lot easier!

  • Communicate colour to your retail customers with ease!
  • Identify common cuts, sizes and carat weights of coloured gemstones with this handy, easy to use reference! 
  • No prices, so no need to spoil your reference guide by scribbling out prices. Let’s keep it professional!
  • 120 high definition, colour-accurate reference images of actual natural gemstones.  
  • 16 colour estimation bars to determine saturation and hue of colour.
  • Discreetly branded with only our logo making it suitable for retail use.
  • Printed on 200gsm stock for a high-quality feel and durability.
  • Exterior gloss coating giving it professional retail appeal.

We have printed a limited quantity in our first run so first in, best dressed!** To secure your copy today, simply place an order with O’Neils Affiliated during the months of July and August.
**First Printing, so limited quantities available. One copy of the Gemstone Colour Guide per customer per transaction. Accounts with multiple stores may receive extra copies of the Gemstone Colour Guide, but may have to wait for a second printing. Extra copies of the Gemstone Colour Guide will be available to purchase next month for $20 each + GST & postage.