GemSpin: A New Dimension in Product Exploration


We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking addition to your online shopping experience: the GemSpin feature – an immersive way to discover and appreciate our exquisite stones that photos alone can't offer.

GemSpin: A New Dimension in Product Exploration

Our 360-degree view feature, GemSpin, allows you to explore your favourite stones from every angle, just like you're holding them in your own hands. We are certain that GemSpin will significantly enhance your sales process, providing your customers with a more engaging and assured buying experience.

How to Use GemSpin?

Simply head over to our website and select the product you're interested in under the GemSpin menu. Click on the  Icon on the product images, the stone will elegantly rotate 360 degrees offering a seamless and comprehensive exploration.

You can then rotate the stone image in full by dragging it left or right. After you stop interacting with the image, the stone will rotate again within 5 seconds.

For an expanded view, click on the   icon and immerse yourself in the beauty of our stones.

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